Web WorldWind

Web WorldWind is an open-source 3D virtual globe software development kit (SDK) for HTML5 and JavaScript. It is a product of collaboration between the ESA and NASA space agencies. The Explorer is “Powered by ESA-NASA WebWorldWind”.

The WebWorldWind SDK website provides examples, documentation and other resources. The WebWorldWind source code, releases and issues are available from NASA on GitHub.

The Getting Started page contains a high-level description of the WorldWind architecture and a simple example that you can copy-and-paste into a web page.

For a more sophisticated example, check out this complete, interactive sample application with source code. The sample application uses Web WorldWind, KnockoutJS and Bootstrap to provide a mobile friendly geo-browser with a 3D globe, 2D map projections, layer manager, markers and place name finder.

And finally, the WorldWind Explorer is a complete, feature-rich application ready for use and designed for customization. This Bootstrap and Knockout based single-page web application was designed to be extended and customized to accomodate your geospatial web application needs. Fork the WorldWind Explorer on GitHub and re-theme and/or extend the Explorer to see your data in a 3D geospatial browser.