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This site is the home for the WorldWind Explorer web app documentation and other NASA Web WorldWind programming resources.

Explorer Project

The Explorer is an HTML5/JavaScript geo-browser powered by NASA Web WorldWind and the Knockout and Bootstrap libraries. It is implemented as a single-page web application (SPA) using JQuery to dynamically load content.


The WorldWind Explorer is a geospatial web application for visualizing Earth. It uses the Web WorldWind JavaScript SDK to display a 3D globe with terrain and imagery as well as 2D maps. It displays the sunrise and sunset times and solar angles for any point on the earth. It shows the terrain’s aspect and slope for any location. It features user-defined markers and point weather forecasts. It has a search feature to find places.




Please report issues, feature requests and questions in the Explorer’s Issue Tracker on GitHub.

If you are a developer, pull requests are welcomed.

Open Source Credits

The Explorer uses the following open source libraries and technologies:

WorldWind Resources


WorldWind.Earth and the Explorer are personal projects of Bruce Schubert. I am a software engineer on the NASA WorldWind team, but these projects are built and maintained in my spare time.